NYC Auto Detailing has been in business now for over 45 years. We are a family owned and operated company located in the heart of NYC, right in the West Village. Over the past four decades plus, we’ve developed 4 key principles that we use to operate our business. The principles are simple but powerful and we believe they are the key in the reason that we’ve been able to continue to serve NYC. The principles are:

  • Be kind and treat everyone with respect
  • Be knowledgable and skilled at what you do
  • Always work on being better than you were yesterday
  • Customer satisfaction is paramount

Jimmy Jakov is the proud owner and founder of NYC Auto Detailing. Along with his two sons, James and Julian, Jimmy has run the business now since the late 1970’s. A lot has changed since then, but Jimmy and his sons still run NYC Auto Detailing with the same energy and passion for clean cars and respect for their new and repeat customers.